Yourself vs your stuff

The emotions that come with de-cluttering, or even the decision to start de-cluttering, are powerful. The relief from finally realising that what you need the most is less stuff. The feeling of being overwhelmed of not knowing where to start. Some people find the KonMari Method useful, others go room by room, drawer by drawer. How you do it will be your choice, it will work if you keep eliminating possessions from your home, sell, donate, recycle…

There is the joy at removing that unwanted item, an ugly heirloom, the token gift, the remnants of a lost relationship, that then blurs into sentimentality..reminders of happy times, a loved one, a faded friendship and then sadness…

But carry on. Accept these feelings and memories and discover that they lie within you not the objects you are holding.

You can feel melancoly as you let go of belongings you once loved and used, a yearning to maybe just keep that one…

But in de-cluttering the home you are also transforming yourself. Letting go of the person you once were, dreams that perhaps never materialised. Hopes that were never fulfilled. Adventures you had and paths you chose.

In shedding these objects you remove the layers of identities you have carried. Peeling off who you were to reveal the person you are today. Embrace that freed you, give it space to grow.

We can travel through life much easier with our possessions carried in our hearts, not in our bags, cars and homes.


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