You’re a what?

People love labels. Labels mean we can place a person in relation to society, in relation to us. “What do you do?” is a loaded question. The answer can tell us a lot about that person. Their education, their financial postition, where they are in relation to ourselves on the socio-economic scale.

“What do you do for a living?”

“I’m a doctor. Yourself?”

“I’m a stay at home mum”.

Conversation lurches towards a inevitable end.

But, if I say “I’m a home educator” then the eyebrows raise. There is interest, curiosity. A conversation follows, usually amiably, sometimes not. Sometimes it’s wise to walk away when you have just declared yourself to be something the other person has no understanding of, doesn’t wish to. You’re just weird. Your kids will be weird. End of.

“I’m a blogging secular Charlotte Mason home educating minimalist.”

“You’re a what?”

You wanted a label. Ask me what I enjoy doing.

I enjoy reading climbing and mountaineering biographies, I love walking in the mountains of Snowdonia where we live. I go to yoga class, I raise animals. I find pleasure in Hygge moments (I’m such a fan of that craze), listening to music that suits my mood, seeing my kids dance, play, run in the fields. Seeing their faces light up when the switch has turned on in their heads and you know they just figured something out. I enjoy space. I enjoy de-cluttering. I like blogging about our life at the cottage as we renovate it room by room (confessionsfromthecottage)¬†and now I do this.

“You love Snowdonia? Me too….”

Because it’s not what I am now, or what I was before I had a family. It’s who we are and changing the question might mean we find a friend.


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